Marketing for Charter Agencies

If you are a charter agency or you sell yacht charter holidays, let us help you sell more with our yacht charter marketing service.

Relevance can help your yacht charter marketing in the following way:

  • Online Search Visibility - Let Relevance Yacht help you appear in search engines on Google. Achieve top keyword positions for relevant keywords such as 'yacht charter' or 'superyacht rental'. 
  • Promoting Charter Destinations - Want to be the authority of yacht charters in a certain destination? Relevance Yacht has experience in helping clients achieve top keyword positions for charter destinations eg. 'yacht charter corsica' or 'rent azimut caribbean'.
  • Targeting Different Markets - Relevance Yacht has plenty of experience in local search, helping you become an authority in local markets e.g. yacht charter company New York. In turn, you will appear on Google Maps search results.
  • Website Design - Relevance Yacht can make a beautiful and modern website that will help with your branding and client trust.
  • CMS - Relevance Yacht has a team of web developers that can create a customised secure and robust website back office so you can easily manage your website.
  • Custom Designed Print - Let Relevance Yacht design your charter catalogue and print it.
  • Content  - Get your company placed in the most important online yachting and travel publications with our strong press partnerships.
  • Press Trips - Relevance Yacht has experience in organising press trips with A-list travel press. Why not invite them onboard a charter?
  • Photography - Relevance Yacht can help organise amazing photography and stock images for your website and content. We have a strong partnerships with excellent yachting photographers.
  • Merchandising - Offer branded gifts to your charter customers to help them remember you. Relevance Yacht can aid you with this.
  • Mobile Website - Make sure that you are not missing from Google search engine results. Let Relevance Yacht create a mobile website version or mobile CSS, impeccably designed and that follows Google's guidelines.
  • Social Media - Let Relevance Yacht manage your social media, building a relevant community and posting enticing content to increase engagement with your followers.

We understand that every charter agency is unique in the boats that they offer and the itineraries and locations they offer. Please contact us for a custom-made marketing proposal for your yacht charter agency and get those boats sailing.