Marketing for Marinas

We can help you reach out to yacht captains, yacht owners, and the entire yachting industry

Relevance recommends:

  • Being top of Google, Yahoo and Bing for terms like "yacht marina", "superyacht marina"
  • Our public relations department can get your news listed in important yachting media
  • LinkedIn advertising to target just yachting captains and decisive crew
  • Sending news and incentives to our yacht captains list (500 captains)
  • Website design work
  • Partnership and sponsorship work with other crew services like crew agencies
  • Advertising on portals where yacht captains go - "wind maps" etc.
  • Mobile website - great for crew who don't have desktops 
  • Send product reviews via social media to yacht crew, owners, owner's reps, companies
  • Using our extensive yachting list to boost your brand to the yachting industry
  • Contact us to find out more…...