Marketing for Yacht Brokers

Increase visibility, branding and boat sales with Relevance Yacht.

If you are a yacht broker, and want to sell your CAs or individual boats, you will want to get your boat ahead of the competition and in front of other yacht owners, yacht representatives, and yacht captains.

Relevance Yacht can help you with...

  • Mailing - Send your models, price reductions, and company news to Relevance and our team will make sure that your information is sent to a substantial yacht industry list.
  • Placements in Yachting Publications - Trust Relevance Yacht to place your boat or company in yachting publications and on yachting websites to help your search visibility.
  • Search Visibility - Get your website placed on search engines like Google for the yacht name, shipyard name, boat type model, or for relevant searches which describe your boat or yacht. Be seen, be heard, be known.
  • Social Media - Social media has become an increasing ranking factor. Build a quality and relevant community around your social media and increase engagement with your followers with Relevance Yacht.
  • Your Website - Relevance Yacht has a team of talented web designers to help you develop a creative and modern website to help you showcase your boats more effectively. We also can help with a mobile design!
  • Photography - Here at Relevance Yacht we know how important images are. We have partnerships with some of the best yachting photographers in the area, enabling you to show your models in the best light. Quality is everything.
  • Videos - Want to use another media to showcase your products? Relevance Yacht can organise video teams to film your yachts. We even have drone specialists!
  • Merchandise - Relevance Yacht has a team of design specialists that can create new brochures and business cards tailored to your wants and needs.
  • Translations - Get your brand in front of high net worth individuals by translating your website into different languages. We can help you reach various markets including, Russia, Arabic countries, Scandinavia, India, China, Germany…
  • Press Trips - Relevance has the necessary PR skills to organise press trips to the show where you are presenting your yacht to help you gain coverage in A list publications.
  • Content - Be seen and heard online. We write content about your boat and place it in relevant yachting and luxury online publications.

With over 10 years experience in working with the yachting industry and helping the best brokers around, we understand that every yacht, shipyard or manufacturer is unique and needs a customly designed marketing campaign. Relevance Yacht is here to help you create that perfect campaign so you can sell more boats. Contact us to organise a meeting.