Gourmet Deliveries

gourmet deliveries

Gourmet Deliveries is a leading international yacht supplier, providing the finest gourmet food, freshest fruit and vegetables, beverages and yacht interior supplies to yachts in the Mediterranean and worldwide.


Relevance Web Marketing worked as a team of developers and SEO specialists to create a custom CRS luxury website for yacht provision experts Gourmet Deliveries. Our French Riviera SEO team planned the new yachting site by producing an analysis of the competition and a keyword research document. An SEO site map was created for multiple reasons, including; to plan the SEO of the site and the assignment of keywords as well as mapping out how the new website should be built. Following the SEO site map, Relevance began an on page SEO phase. Since the introduction of the new website, Relevance works every month on Gourmet Deliveries organic positioning, paid advertising on Google Adwords, link building on relevant luxury sites, updating the internal blog, distributing news both internally and externally, newsletters and social media management.

Since the beginning of the promotion phase, Relevance has increased visibility of all keywords in Google.co.uk and Google.com, as well as increased brand awareness of Gourmet Deliveries within the yachting industry, and especially among yacht chefs.

What Areas

  • Keyword Research
  • Website Creation and Design
  • On Page SEO
  • Yacht Marketing
  • Organic Positioning
  • Google Adwords
  • News
  • Blogging
  • Partnerships
  • Social Media Management

Keywords in top 10 of Google.com (USA)

  • superyacht food delivered – 1st
  • superyacht provisions – 2nd
  • yacht food – 2nd
  • gourmet provisions – 4th
  • superyacht supplier – 5th
  • superyacht supplies – 6th