ISA Yachts

isa yachts

ISA Yachts is an expert luxury yacht manufacturer building custom superyachts from its shipyard in Ancona, Italy. The company also provides refit and repair services.


Relevance used its in-house specialists to complete an SEO phase one for ISA Yachts. The Relevance team liaised with representatives from ISA Yachts to help plan a new yachting website. This involved brainstorming the most important sectors of the company to promote online and researching keywords used by competitors. With this information, Relevance carried out a further analysis to discover the most relevant keywords to promote. An SEO site map was created to help structure the SEO of the site and decide which keywords to assign to which page on the site. The designers and developers can also use it to help build the new site. The next stage was on page SEO and optimisation of the new content, as well as ensuring that titles and URLs were SEO friendly. 

Once the new site goes live, Relevance will begin phase two, the digital promotion of ISA Yachts.

What Areas

  • Keyword Research
  • Competition Research
  • SEO Site Map
  • Content Optimisation
  • On Page SEO